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This month we talk to Billy Corgan (ex frontman of The Smashing Pumpkins and lead singer of Zwan) about Kult shirts.

Kult interviews Billy Corgan:

Kult: Welcome Billy. How has life been?
Billy: Ah, Y'know.
Kult: We have been noticing, here at Kult, how often you and your band members have been wearing our clothing.
Billy: Well, it's the simplicity of these shirts that really caught my eye. I have been recomending your shirts to my band members and family. Everyone seems to like them.
Kult:We noticed that at one of the more recent Zwan concerts you were wearing the GOD shirt, is this a favorite?
Billy: I guess so. I like them all but I find this shirt really suits me.
Kult: Thankyou for your time and thankyou for your interest in Kult
Billy: My pleasure. Thankyou

Next Month

Kult interviews Adam Jones Lead guitarist of metal band Tool about love, life and Kult art.

Billy Corgan


Interviewer: Sarah Miller

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